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Side Effects Of Radiotherapy

from Mail Online

How a 3D scan may help reduce side effects for men with cancer

#Therapy #NHS How new state-of-the-art 3D scan saved this man from agonizing side effects of prostate cancer 'I was told that if the tumour did start growing - which would be indicated by the PSA levels rising - I may have to have surgery to remove my prostate or other treatments such as radiotherapy or hormone therapy to try to shrink the tumour.' ... HIFU ...

from BBC News

Brain radiotherapy 'no benefit' for lung cancer spread

Brain radiotherapy 'no benefit' for lung cancer spread #Health #iNewsPhoto

from Verywell

Can These Natural Therapies Help Ease the Side Effects of Radiation Therapy?


I'm beginning to understand a few things that has happened to me. Effects of Breast Cancer Radiation on the Body


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Bleach could reverse ageing, study finds

Household bleach could help to repair damaged skin and even help ease the side effects of radiotherapy for cancer patients, according to der...