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How to Make Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Ginger Tea

Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Turmeric Tea Recipe ~ For 1 cup of water use 1 teaspoon each of fresh grated turmeric and ginger roots. If you use ground turmeric and ginger, use 1/3 teaspoon each. Add raw honey to taste, and a slice of lemon if you want.


Natural health - nature provides so many cures. It's great to learn more about them!


Being overweight may cause you many health problems, because not only that the fats are not healthy for your body but they are harmful.

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Homemade Powerful Natural Antibiotic – Kills Any Infection In The Body

Kill Your Infections With This Master Tonic Recipe - This wonderful health tonic combines some of nature’s most potent plants and brings them together in a powerful concoction.


Pad Thai Salad (Low Carb

This is a cracker of a salad! Fresh, crunchy, satisfying with a deliciously sweet/sour/zingy/crazy dressing that will quickly become your new obsession. I used my spirilizer to get the pad thai “noodley” effect, but you could just as easily use a veggie peeler to make ribbons instead. I added left-over roast chicken to mine, but... Read more


Ginger is an ancient Chinese remedy for migraine, yet there were virtually no large clinical trials before this study. Ginger has proven to be as strong as the strongest medication for immediately stopping migraines and comes without the dangerous side effects. Study:


Apple cinnamon water. Detox and lose weight they say. Don't really care so much about that as having something besides plain water. I can't drink diet drinks the artificial sweetener makes me very ill. Have given up soda and try and keep ice tea to a minimum. So let's try this. Hope it's good


Avoiding NSAIDS like Ibuprofen and naproxen because of their potential side effects? Here are botanical alternatives that may fit the bill.


Health Benefits & Side Effects of Kalonji Seeds or Nigella Seeds

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Nutmeg, Mace and Ginger; Health Benefits and Side Effects

Grenada is commonly referred to as the 'Spice Island' of the Caribbean. It is the worlds 2nd largest producer of processed nutmeg and mace.