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Siberia Season 2

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Eskimos get to be defined as “members of an indigenous people of Greenland, northern Canada, Alaska and northeastern Siberia, characterized by short, stocky build and light-brown complexion.”

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Cocktail kiwis that are super sweet! Originating from Siberia, hardy to -35°C and growing up to 2m in one season, this delightful, grapevine-like plant produces up to 400 miniature fuzz-free kiwis every year! Eat them fresh from the vine or cut them in half and dry in a low oven to make sticky wine gum-like sweets but without any E numbers! Harvest: September-November. 1 plant can yield up to 20kg fruit when mature. Latin Name: Actinidia arguta.

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Reminds me of a scene in The Jacket (2005), a scene with Adrien Brody and Jennifer Jason Lee. The film, incidentally, was loosely inspired by The Star Rover by Jack London (1915).

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Russian inspiration. Russian beauty. Russian girls. Winter. Traditional Russian clothes. Fur hat. Horses

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Snowy Village Road - this place is stunning but I'm kind of glad I don't live here.

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