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The Way You Should be Showering (And Why)

The Way You Should Be Showering and Why. Ok so I'm good! My routine since I was like 15! Thank God for OCD lol

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18 Charts That Will Help You Sleep Better

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Wake up. Green tea. Workout. Shower. Breakfast. Read. Clean. Lunch. Dance. Dinner. Shower. Sleep.

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BEAUTY: My Shower Routine

If I could shower ten times a day, I probably would. I adore the feeling of having a super long, indulgent shower just as much as I love those five minute, quick refreshing washes. There’s nothing like feelin’ clean, ey. I realised I had a bit of a routine going recently so thought I’d share the things that are gracing the side of my en-suite… I always start with my hair first and I’ve been… Continue Reading

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Before shower workout. Will take 5min. If you don't se a difference in your body in three weeks, we need to have a talk

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Easy, nighttime yoga routine that I do daily. Page Design: Lily Lago (Me) Illustrations: Brian Russo (Yoga Bunny)

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Lots of visuals and social stories; You can download them from the website BUT it is also a good resource for ideas to make your own.

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A One-and-Done Workout: Burn Calories and Build Strength

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