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Negative Ion Spa Shower Head Water softener and purifier

Bathroom Bath Shower Head In-Line Filter Faucet Water Softener Remove Chlorine 3

ShowerStick is a portable shower water softener and filter. It is a true water softener since it removes hard water minerals which cause dry hair and skin

Innovative & Powerful Shower Head enabling to increase water pressure up to 2 ~ 6 times with Softened Water - Wider Water Jet, Suitable for Hard Water Area / Fit for Electric shower units etc. - 100% Money Back Guaranteed if not satisfied. (VAT : 20% included and the invoice will be enclosed),


Pooh StixHave fun in the bath with Pooh Stix! This bomb is our take on the great game created by AA Milne... it's full of little cinnamon and liquorice sticklets to float through the water, creating a woody aroma that's offset with exotic patchouli and rosewood oils, and aloe vera to soothe your skin.