I love this - Check out Denice Bizot and her wonderful rusty artwork at… www.denicebisot.com

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What better way to keep your kids occupied for hours – oh the pain when you accidentally jab your toe with the spade though!

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mud kitchen and digging pit. it would be ideal to have an open space available…

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Pin it :-) Follow us :-)) zGardensupply.com is your Garden Supply Gallery ;) CLICK IMAGE TWICE for Pricing and Info :) SEE A LARGER SELECTION of spade shovels at http://zgardensupply.com/category/garden-supply-categories/gardening-tools/spade-shovels/ - garden, garden tools, spade shovels - Ames True Temper 1564100 Round Point True American Wood Handle Shovel « zGardenSupply

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First multi patented hybrid garden shovel and spade. * Guaranteed to significantly reduce digging efforts. * Great for rocky, compacted soils and clay. Excellent for separating and dividing highly rooted perennials. * Specially reinforced pultruded fiberglass handle is 60% stronger than EN-3388 shovel/spade standards. * Light weight design makes it easy to lift and use. Longer handle allows greater leverage for removing larger plants and digging deeper holes.

Shovels and Spades - Open Socket Shovels, Grafting Shovels, #PostHoleDiggers and Dust Pans can be found in this category. A choice of wooden or all steel handles are also displayed. UK Online Tools & Equipment http://www.rapidtoolsdirect.co.uk/

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