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As The Daily Sheeple previously reported, Former Editor in Chief of NY Magazine Ed Klein came out after the election with a report that the reason Hillary sent her man troll John Podesta out to give a short speech delaying her concession speech and sending all her supporters home is because insiders

In a Short Speech Putin Strips Naked Every Dirty Game ...


I love that John tells Mary not to let himself hug Sherlock and she says absolutely not! She wants them to be the best friends they are. No matter how much they bicker, argue, and have issues with one another they need each other. They are too invested in each others lives to walk away now. Sherlock has admitted he cares for someone, and John realizes how lucky he is that Sherlock cares for him


Levi, no regrets. I'M ABOUT TO READ THE FINAL CHAPTER OF THIS! update: I have read it and my feels have been shattered, permanently.