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The Iraq War Timeline As Told Through Front Pages

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Santa Muerte for Witches

Who is Santa Muerte? Every day more and more witches are encountering La Huesuda, the Bony Lady. Is she Mictecacihuatl, the Aztec goddess of the underworld come into the modern age? (I've also seen her given Incan and Mayan roots.) Is she La Parca, the Spanish grim reaperess brought over to shock and awe those the Spanish forced into conversion? One of the countless faces of the Goddess?


WHO KNEW!! you print out words on basic white paper, but in mirror image form… lay them on the wood… with a damp paint brush wet the paper on top of the words… use the cap of a sharpie to rub on top of the letters to help them transfer … then remove the paper and stand in shock and awe!

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Meet Juliette, the RAF bombshell who terrified the Taliban in her fighter jet

Shock and awe: Female RAF Top Gun pilot tells how she beat the Taliban with deafening noise instead of bombs | Mail Online my dream job...

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ISIS show off their TANKS looted from the Iraqi army

Explosive: The images emerged just days after a report claimed ISIS extremists were 'like children in a sweetshop' when they advanced into Iraq - because of the number of Western weapons they were free to take

The 22-year-old New Forest Pony, "Royal Beatrice" has shocked equine experts with the surprise birth of healthy twin foals. So adorable.


Man Gets 2.5 Years in Prison for Having Sex on the Beach While a Cop Rapes a Toddler and Walks | The Free Thought Project