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The Evil Within - A Preview of the New Survival Horror from Shinji Mikami - Survival horror lately in gaming has gone through quite a weak patch.  We’ve had a focus on zombies, on shooting them and working as teams to make a...

Outlast Review - How Long can you Survive the Horror? - Fear is slowly coming back into the gaming experience, or so the hype would want you to believe.  With the news of The Evil Within on the Playstation 4 Shinji Mikami claimed he wanted to bring back horror, but we still have a wait for that experience.  This week though we are seeing two new horror games that look to bring fear back too in the shape of Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs and Oulast which I’ll be reviewing here. (Read More)


Resident Evil HD Remaster brings Shinji Mikami’s horror classic back from the dead.


A Menacing Voice For A Terrifying Antagonist All things Gaming at

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Games Inbox: Does good marketing guarantee a hit?

The morning Inbox is shocked to find Shinji Mikami working on Resident Evil Revelations 2, as one reader promotes his own podcast.