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Shih tzu butt - Even though this looks absolutely adorable, the Shih Tzu has a very weak spine and this position would cause pressure to it. Please be very careful with how your sweet puppy is handled and don't allow it to jump onto furniture or anything higher than its own body length. Trust me, .... it only took a second and we lost our little girl as she was trying for the millionth time to jump up and join us on the couch. The loss was very painful.

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11 Interesting Facts about the Shih Tzu

Interesting but I didn't find my two Shih Tzu hard to train nor stubborn. Nor do they shed like other dogs (who blow their coats twice a year). They lose "hair" more like a human.

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"What do you mean I'm not human? You tell everyone that I'm your baby"......This…

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