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Shetlandpony Mini - Christiane Slawik My heart has definitely just melted into a thousand pieces.

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Niamh the Jack Russell goes for a spin on the back of Ivor the Piebald Miniature Shetland Stallion

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The Big Freeze to get even COLDER with five days of sub-zero weather

The Big Freeze to get even COLDER with five days of sub-zero weather #dailymail

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Community Post: 12 Animals That Prove Humans Aren’t the Only Ones with DadBods

Chunky little Shetland pony with a big ole belly. Mini ponies. Miniature animals. Fuzzy pets. My little pony.

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lovely little pinto Shetland pony, still a bit of winter fuzziness but such neat coloring.

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There's a Scottish island which has way more miniature horses than people

The island of Foula – a Shetland island off the coast of Scotland – is perhaps unsurprisingly where Shetland ponies originated from and horses have apparently lived there since the Bronze Age. To get there, you’ll need to catch a ferry from the mainland, which departs just a three times a week, or an eight-seat plane which’ll give you the best views of the island.

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Shetland of the very few things I asked for as a child that actually didn't get...AJ knows this is still on my wish list <3

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Shetland Pony - I see Moon and when Isabella saw it she said "It's Moon! You take a picture of Moon! I see her, right here!"

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