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Sherlock cake - amazing. I WILL make this for when series 3 airs!! You know actually, I'll get someone to make it for me, I'll be too busy fangirling


I loved making this one as I’m a bit of a Sherlock addict! The cake is based on the BBC series of Sherlock. I tried to use several aspects of the episodes to decorate it. All decoration is handmade and edible.


Mycroft is thoroughly disgusted over having to set his cake down to take a picture, Sherlock is copping a feel, Moriarty likes it, John smiles awkwardly for the camera because Jim is resting his elbow on his crotch, and Lestrade looks like he just discovered his division in Mycroft's eyes.


Is this the greatest Sherlock-themed birthday cake ever?

Reichenbach Noms! Do I want a piece with a high-functioning sociopath or a dead psychopath? I can ever decide... <--- I'd do a little of both