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PlumSiena: What a Wall! Emily Swift-Jones She began with a normal, painted wall, smoothed it out with joint compound, primed with shellac and then went to town. The steps included Dutch metal gold leaf, patinating the gold leaf, glazing with oil colours and varnishing for the top coat. At the end, she embedded tiny glitter flakes into the tacky varnish.

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55 Stripe Nail Art Ideas

The colorful ladder like design on the white background looks appealing to the eyes. This is a novel design worth taking a try.

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20 Finishing Tips

20 Finishing Tips Purchase the complete version of this woodworking technique story from Make dewaxed shellac Take the wax out of shellac and you have a great sealer that’s compatible with most other finishes. It’s best to get this “dewaxed” shellac as dry flakes that you mix with denatured alcohol. Usually you have to order the flakes through the mail. But in a pinch, you can decant (draw off …


Black Cherry + Berry & Silver mixed Glitter + Silver Mylar glitter flakes Shattered Glass Round Tip Nails #nail #nailart


Whimsy Winter Sparkle Shellac Nails Christy@Mane Tamers Mishawaka


Christmas by 20nailstudio #nail #nails #nailart


The World's Finest Shellac Flake Delivered to Your Door

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50 Matte Nail Polish Ideas

Try a bit of fun with the classic style by doing this French-tip inspired nail art design. Matte chocolate brown on the tips and add some flakes of gold along the lines.


Liberon Lemon Shellac Flakes

In making a relief surface on your pottery piece, first dissolve shellac flakes into a thin, creamy consistency using alcohol. The shellac flakes can be bought at any pottery, ceramic or paint store. Paint your designs on very dry greenware. If needed apply a couple of coats if the shellac is thin. Let the shellac dry thoroughly. Carefully wipe back layers of clay with a wet sponge. After drying, the process may be repeated for layers of different depths. Be careful not to use too much…