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Talas - Shellac Flakes Available in three grades: No.1-lemon flake shellac, the most common tone, often referred to as "orange shellac. Crystallac #1100- dewaxed natural shellac flakes of darker tone than No. 1 lemon flake, suitable for French polishing. Crystallac #500- super blond dewaxed natural shellac flake produces equally hard finish as Crystallac #1100 but does not have an orange hue.

The World's Finest Shellac Flake, Information

Mixing Shellac Combine shellac flakes or buttons with denatured alcohol to create the right 'cut' for your next finishing project

Liberon Garnet Shellac Flakes, 250g

The Liberon Garnet Shellac Flakes produce a stunning golden brown French polish ideal for antique restoration. Shellac is also natural and non-toxic.


Alcohol lamp, shellac flakes and shellac stick

Dewaxed Orange Shellac Flakes. (Orange, 16 oz) WellerMart

Light Pure Buttonlac