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100 centuries ago, humans and fairies battled in a fierce turf war. When the fairies realized that their struggle was futile, they tucked ethereal tail and retreated underground. Only the demons lingered above, plotting to regroup and resume the attack against humans. But their plot went asunder & these would-be revolters wound up in Limbo, where they stewed for 10,000 years. The spell that holds them, though, is degrading, threatening the perilous peace.

from Maria Killam | True Colour Expert | Decorator

7 Best Ways to Decorate Around the TV

#Living_Room Design, Furniture and Decorating Ideas

from Des idées de l'intérieur, du jardin, de l'ameublement et de la décoration.

Décoration murale bois à faire soi-même – 20 idées créatives


Natural colours + textures | Gemma's living room in the Netherlands | Picture ledge | Follow her at | live from IKEA FAMILY

from The Homes I Have Made

A 10-Minute Sofa Table (Using IKEA Parts!)

Need a quick and easy sofa table without the hassle of tools and lumber? This one comes together in just 10 minutes using off-the-shelf items from IKEA!