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Drop presents a helpful guide to why exactly there are so many different kinds of baking pan, what you can make with each one, and some tips for using and maintaining yours.

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If you need to swap a baking pan when making a cake recipe you'll need this chart! A simple cheat sheet of all the different types of cake pans and how to convert a recipe.

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The Classic Pantry Cupboard

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One of my favourite desserts over here has to be Sticky Toffee Pudding. So rich and lovely, and incredibly moreish. And to think it was ...

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Spiced hazelnut loaf cake with chocolate fudge frosting

A deliciously moist, lightly spiced hazelnut loaf cake, slathered with rich & fudgy dark chocolate topping. Enjoy with a cuppa for a lovely tea-time treat.

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Ever get stuck because you don't have the right ingredient in the house or you have the wrong size pan than the recipe calls for? These Kitchen Cheat Sheets will help you out of any type of kitchen pinch!

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Keep this easy chart and recipe on hand the next time you bake a sheet cake! Orange Sheet Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Icing Recipe.

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