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Sheer Nail Polish


Best Zoya Nail Polish Reviews And Swatches – Our Top 10

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Must try: jelly rainbow swirl dry marble by ermahgerdperlish “For this, just drop several drops of different polishes on a plastic bag & swirl them around with a toothpick (or something pointy). Wait for them to dry completely, peel them off and stick them to your nail with slightly wet polish or base cost. You might want to trim them down as closely to the size of your nail as possible, but still slightly larger. You’ll have to clean around the edges of your nail and then top coat!”

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from nenuno creative

50 Lovely Spring Nail Art Ideas

Sheer and gray blue spring nail art combination. You can play along with the blue gray polish and give it a zigzag effect, add gold embellishments on top to complete the look.


Essie Mademoiselle...not pink, not clear, just perfect! Tried this Sept 2013-very sheer but a pretty shade of barely, barely pink. I usually use 4 coats. It dries super fast and lasts very well.