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Sheds R Us


R. M. Drake @rmdrk #486 by Robert M....Instagram photo

for she was an ocean, and she'd always make us feel like we were lost at sea.


Leo's are also known to have big heads. Not all of us are like that but... Obviously whoever wrote this one is XD


There are those that open up new worlds within us. They expose us. Tempt us to shed our skin. Teach us everything we are is everything to be embraced. Little by little they convince us to spread our magnificent wings and f*cking fly. Their job is done. ---------------------------------------------------- L to R: The Labradorite Connector, the I Carry Your Heart Connector Set & the Moonstone Connector. | #apconnection

If you have experienced YogaFaith, you know that it is WAY BEYOND THE YOGA! Our hope is that through the work that was done on the cross thousands of years ago, be something that you and others begin to [actually] experience on and off a yoga mat. The cross represents so much. What our savior has done for us, His mercy and grace each day, how the blood that was shed so long ago, continues to redeem and change our lives. Most YogaFaith classes have a cross in the class, so that we are always…

A model poses with a Oval-shaped ruby (32.08 ct) and diamond ring by Chaumet during a Christie's auction press preview on May 10, 2012 in Geneva. The ring is expected to fetch between Swiss Francs 2,8-4,6 million (US Dollars 3-5 million) when it will goes on sale as part of the Jewels of Hope auction, at Christie's in Geneva on May 14, 2012. The auction comprises of the jewel collection of Lily Safra, and the proceeds - expected to be in excess of US Dollars 20 million - will be divided…