Concept: putting a vine, eg passion fruit, choko, etc over the garden shed to cool it in summer and make use of the vertical space for food production, plus it looks more appealing. Could even grow different vines at same time to add greater visual and food interest. Plus, Great book, apparently ;-). All you need to know about how to build your own little green roof on a shed or outbuilding.

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Storage: She spent £5,000 on building the tent when she ran out of room in her house for her sewing equipment

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Garden shed with wreath. More easy ways to restyle your garden shed at

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Best Ever Honeycomb recipe AKA Cinder Toffee, Hokey Pokey, Sponge Candy & Crunchie. With Kitchen Shed Tips to help you make the crunchiest honeycomb.

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This she shed owner has gone for the Olde English Garden touch with their thatched rood and Union Jack bunting

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Shed with extended roof for outdoor storage--pretty smart and a great place to store bikes.

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Outnumbered by men: Caroline Counsell gfrom Redhill, Surrey, uses her garden retreat to indulge in her love for arts and crafts and have a b...

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