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Use drops of food coloring, on shaving cream. Swirl (gently to still keep colors vibrant). Carefully lift the paper up. Using a straight edge (We used a dish scraper), scrape of the shaving cream. Revealed underneath will be gorgeous marbled paper. Allow to dry.

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DIY Paper Marbling

Marbling with shaving cream and food dye. It would be cute to make a #DIY envelope to send home when I go off to #college at #Mizzou

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Shaving Cream Marbling with Kids

Shaving Cream Marbling with Liquid Watercolors. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

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Shaving Cream Puffy Paint

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Shaving Cream and Paint. This worked great...made some pretty rainbows! You can use a metal spatula to scrape off the shave cream. Unscented is best as the pictures will smell for several days. Great way to use up some of my excess shave cream I got from couponing a while back!


shaving cream and food colouring or water colours-give children paint brushes and let them paint outside on patio doors/easels etc. cleans up easily(let kids do clean up)