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Shaved Cat

I seriously just laughed out loud...I don't even know if this is real, but ohmygoodness...poor little thing!


Pretty, drawn in PS. [Caption: A realistic digital painting of Eleven from Stranger Things. Portrait is in profile from the waist up. Eleven is wearing a dark blue sweatshirt. Her head is shaved, and she’s standing at a girl’s dresser, opening a...

from BuzzFeed

19 Cats Who Need To Check Their Privilege

Lots of people are getting the "Lion Cut" for their medium to long hair cats. They say their cats act like kittens again after the cut.

from 9GAG

This cat stood for hours in front of the mirror after getting shaved

Será que fiquei gato? Siim, to muito gato. =^.^=


My dad had to get Flurf shaved. She's not thrilled about it.

from the Guardian

Austrian alpacas show shear delight - in pictures

Alpacas on a farm in Goeming, Salzburg, are shorn in the spring to make the animals more comfortable for the summer months. However it's not necessarily a case of one style fits all ...


( We should be careful to get out of experience only the wisdom that is in it and stop there, lest we be like the cat that sits down a hot stove lid. She will never do it again, also she will never sit down on a cold one either.) [Mark Twain