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Still Smoking Hot! Sharon Stone, 57, Kills It in a Sexy LBD

Sharon Stone proved she still has the ability to turn heads as she arrived at LAX on Monday, April 13.

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The bold red dress had a slit that went up her leg, very very high, revealing a pretty toned and sexy body. Her daring and elegant dress was the admiration of the crowd, and Sharon Stone seemed pretty confident wearing it.

Sharon Stone flashes her legs in black bodysuit with see-through skirt

Intriguing choice: The dress, or it could have been a two-piece, featured a white bustier ...

The 20 Best Legs Throughout History

In that famous scene from <i>Basic Instinct</i>, Sharon Stone flashed a peek at her womanly goods. But let's not neglect those legs!

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#TheLIST: White Dress Icons

White is a sign of purity and innocence—making it the perfect choice for Sharon Stone's villainous character to wear the color throughout in 1992's Basic Instinct. Who says turtlenecks aren't sexy? -

Sharon Stone re-enacts iconic Basic Instinct pose

Re-enactment: Sharon Stone, 57, has been re-creating the most famous scene from movie Basic Instinct, during a live-stream with AOL Build in New York on Thursday

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Sharon Stone re-enacts iconic Basic Instinct pose

Sharon Stone, 57, took a walk on the wild side in New York on Thursday in leopard print shoes

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Sharon Stone re-enacts iconic Basic Instinct pose

Great shape: Stephen Colbert asked the Basic Instinct star about her recent nude photo shoot on Wednesday night's Late Show, prompting her to joke ‘Well I was wearing a necklace’