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Sharks with lasers on their heads! Okay, not really, but I still don’t think Dr. Evil would be too disappointed. Robot sharks are still pretty awesome. And thanks to new research, not far from reality. Maybe lasers can be an additional feature…

Sharks With Lasers T-Shirt

Sharks with fricking laser beams.

LOOK: Dr. Evil's Plan Realized: Sharks With Laser Beams

Classic Laser Brilliant Gloss Cashmere true handleless and the large island is Grey Acacia. Work surface is a Quartz in ‘Twinkle White’, finished with a shark nose edge. Neff Wide Induction Hob with Elica Celestial extractor. Sensiopod 3 with power and USB. CDA Integrated Larder Fridge and Freezer. Neff Integrated Dishwasher. Neff Single Oven, Combination Microwave Oven and Warming Drawer. Blanco Subline... Read More


Sharks with Laser Beams Attached to Their Heads: Dr. Evil’s Dream Comes True