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Shaken Baby Syndrome::: causes intentional head trauma in infants... young parents with no social support are the most common presenters... baby will have a history that doesn't make sense... the baby will be listless and respond minimally to pain... look for RETINAL HEMORRHAGES on physical exam... the first test to do would be a heat CT to look for subdural hematoma

from NBC News

'Shaken Baby Syndrome': Those Who Survive Are 'Horribly Afflicted'

Video shows the long term affects of shaken baby syndrome.

Is your baby eating enough? Are you weary from the all-night child antics? Why do all the hard work and research on your own? This information can save you time and frustration as a parent.

from OMICS Publishing Group - International Science Conferences

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken baby syndrome represents a type of damage caused to the brain that happens when a child is shaken violently. Trembling can cause bleeding in the brain (subdural hemorrhages) or blood loss in...

For my FACS teacher friends. A 3D simulation of what happens to a baby who has Shaken Baby Syndrome. No Audio.

Child abuse and Shaken Baby Syndrome is 100% preventable! Learn more in our free infographic.