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Perennial-- Penstemon Strawberries & Cream. Oblivious of drought or rain, resists slugs & other pests, positively thrives in most soil conditions in containers or borders, sun or part shade and propagates painlessly! Attracts Bees And Butterflies, Drought Tolerant, Flowers For Cutting/Drying, Pest Resistant, Suitable for Containers. Blooms June to November often longer. Unfussy on soil conditions as long as it well-drained. Full sun or partial shade.


One of the few grasses that thrives in part shade! Only 18-24" tall, its slender leaves form a fountain of bright green and then become suffused with crimson and purple in fall. Beautiful cascading down a shady bank or over a retaining wall. Likes evenly moist soil, but tolerates dry spells. Zones 5-9. Hakonechloa macra 'Beni-kaze'. -


Fargesia A non running clumping bamboo thats evergreen and fast growing. Depending on the variety can range from 6-8' to 12-18' tall. Did I mention its shade tolerant AND deer resistant? Beautiful soft texture complements other shade loving broadleaf and needled evergreens well.


Shrubs for Shady Spots

Shrubs for Shady Spots: Sumac, Azalea, Rhodie, Camellia, Kerria, Hydrangea, Pieris, Summersweet, Serviceberry, Mountain Laurel, Daphne. Lower front yard and along north front fence!


GREY AND PURPLE; Lambs ear and salvia.great creates a "watercolor" look to the garden.


Perfect for a small low maintenance garden, lily-turf Liriope muscari 'Monroe White' works well in containers or borders


Black Mondo Grass - Sun or deep shade - 1/2' tall x 2' wide - evergreen - water tolerant - Black mondo grass is a wonderful accent plant, setting off lighter plants, such as snowdrops. It shows up well against pavers or stones and looks great edging the rim of a container. With time, and in rich, moisture-retentive soil, it forms a thick groundcover. GREAT PLANT PICK


Phormium 'Bronze Baby' - evergreen plant which rarely flowers, grows to about 80cm - possible alternative to Purple fountain grass