Sha Na Na/Johnny Contardo - "Those Magic Changes" -- **LOUD GIRLY SQUEELING** JOHNNY!!!!!! *deep sigh* <3 <3

Sha Na Na - Born To Hand Jive -- I would not even be able to count the number of times I've watched Grease.

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WOODSTOCK ACT NO. 31 SHA NA NA 1972.JPG is an American rock and roll group. The name is taken from a part of the long series of nonsense syllables in the doo-wop hit song "Get a Job","Get a Job" "Come Go with Me" "Silhuettes" "Teen Angel" "Jailhouse Rock" "Wipe Out" "Blue Moon" "(Who Wrote) The Book of Love" "Little Darlin'" "At the Hop" "Duke of Earl" "Get a Job (Reprise)"

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