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Seven. Great horror & suspense movie. Seen it a billion times. My cousin & I were obsessed with the 7 deadly sins after we 1st watched it. Gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, pride, rath, & envy. still remember them all.

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Se7en (1995)

Se7en (1995). Starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Gwyneth Paltrow. English. [R]

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Se7en by Christopher Cox / Behance / Twitter / Instagram / Store 24" x 36" screen print with glow in the dark ink layer. Private commission, not for sale.

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Seven Movie Poster Print

Seven... 7 sins, 7 days, 2 detectives, one murderer... What are your sins?!! (Starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt) Loved this film- shocking, dynamic, makes you thoughtful, bloody, psychological! Definitely a must- see!

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Se7en (1995)

Seven - Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt. It honestly doesn't get any better than this movie, right here right now. I have watched this movie over and over, even falling asleep to it as a kid. I have to say that there is probably nothing that I don't like about this movie, except maybe the lawyer's office decor [lol]

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Se7en (1995)

Se7en - Directed by David Fincher and starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. Great surprise cameo!!

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'The Magnificent Seven' (2016) by Antoine Fuqua. A film that doesn't shy away from the script that's gone before it. Limited in it's diversion away from Western cliche, but refreshing in it's racial revamp. Violent, looks great and delivers a solid body count. A Boxing Day evening watch with pie and ice cream. Enjoyed.

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