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Settle Down Jar

This is a mindfulness jar. The glitter represents your thoughts and emotions. As the glitter settles and you sit still, notice your breath and your thoughts settling down, too.


Mind Jar -- meditation tool for all ages: "when stressed, overwhelmed, or upset, imagine the glitter as your thoughts/emotions. when you shake the jar, imagine your head full of whirling thoughts/emotions. then watch as they slowly settle together, and you calm down."


Calm down jar. Fill up an old bottle with warm water. Add a drop or 2 or 3 of food coloring (blue is supposed to be calming). Add half a bottle of Elmer’s gel glue. Add any color and sized glitter you like. When a child is having a difficult time settling down, is throwing a fit, or just needs some time gather their thoughts, they can go to a special area in the room and use the calm down jar. They shake it up, set it down, and watch all the little pieces of glitter settle.


Slow-Falling Beads Sensory Bottle Repinned by Apraxia Kids Learning. Come join us on Facebook at Apraxia Kids Learning Activities and Support- Parent Led Group.

from Preschool Inspirations

6 Ways to Make a Calm Down Jar

6 Ways to Make a Calm Down Jar by Preschool Inspirations-37--I made two jars and I think I'm hooked! I like how she shows different jars and talks a bit about how the different ingredients cause different settling times and effects.


This is a calming jar. Instead of timers for time out. Use this. Shake it up, and place it in front of your LO. Explain to them that when it's all shook up, that's how their mind is when they are angry/frustrated/over-whelmed. That sitting there watching all the glitter fall to the bottom will help them calm down, and when they calmed down they can see clearly again.

from gembelina

Calming Glitter Jar

Calming Jar...Shake and watch until the glitter calms as cool down technique.

from The Pleasantest Thing

Ocean Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottle using sand - swirl it up and watch it settle! Great calm down jar for kids

from The WHOot

Time Out Bottles Take Kids From Mean To Serene

We have a "calm down" spot and a "time out" spot. I like this for calming down but seems too much like a reward in time out.