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Sessue Hayakawa. Very handsome and He REALLY was a Fine actor! Not a Bit exaggeration!


Anna May Wong, pictured here alongside co-star Sessue Hayakawa, in 1931’s Daughter of The Dragon

Sessue Hayakawa ... old Hollywood actor (first Asian American lead actor in 1920s and contemporary of Charlie Chaplin's). Started in silent films.


I present to you good people, Sessue Hayakawa, silent film movie stud. First off, just look at this guy. Yum. He was a Japanese immigrant and one of the few Asian actors to reach fame in Hollywood. He is actually *the* original heartthrob of cinema, making all the ladies swoon (and its not hard to see why). From wikipedia: His popularity, sex appeal and extravagant lifestyle (such as hosting wild parties and driving a gold-plated Pierce-Arrow) caused tension within American society resul

Sessue Hayakawa, silent and "talkie" actor in American, English, French, German, Japanese films (Bridge of the River Kwai) 1889-1973

Sessue Hayakawa (June 10, 1889 – November 23, 1973) Japanese and American actor who starred in American, Japanese, French, German, and British films. Hayakawa was active at the outset of the American film industry and was very popular with female movie-goers for his good looks.