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Mary Kate McDevitt - Sesame Street Posters: Ernie -- I can't hear you. I've got a banana in my ear.

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yes myfemmeownself recalls that. when journeying out and about our vehicle made a stop at the grottos. unintentially. the children there sais they were raised onthe streets (and then the curse vocab from some before detained for such towards myfemmeownselfs covelles and danielles((juvvy)) and the covelles and danielles retorted back what they thought they were saying. .funny meme cookie monster

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Sesame Street Needs a Psychiatrist

What's funny is that every child could be diagnosed with all of these, that's why you can't diagnose a child with a psychological disorder before they're eight. This is why Sesame Street is GENIUS, because it shows every aspect of child behavior, and in doing so, makes children feel normal.

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