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Sergei Prokofiev. “When the Second World War broke out, I felt that everyone must do his share, and began composing songs and marches for the front. But soon events assumed such gigantic and far-reaching scope as to demand larger canvasses.”


Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev 1891 – 1953) was a Russian composer, pianist and conductor & is regarded as one of the major composers of the 20th century. His best-known works are the five piano concertos, nine completed piano sonatas and seven symphonies.


Costume designed by Tom Lingwood for Suzanne Steele in the Australian Opera’s 1973 production of Sergei Prokofiev’s War and Peace

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April Composer Study: Sergei Prokofiev

Learn more about one composer each month. April is Sergei Prokofiev. Pack includes bio page, poster page, word search, notebooking pages & MORE!! ::


Sergei Prokofiev (11/23 April, 1891–March 5, 1953)

Peter And The Wolf Instruments | ... Man: "Peter and the Wolf" - Sergei Prokofiev - instruments structure


Hey Kids, Meet Sergei Prokofiev | Composer Biography and Music Lesson Resources -


Peter and the Wolf instrument flashcards My class has been loving Peter and the Wolf this week. Will have to remember this unit for future years!