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Hugarian DMU in Serbia: 212 ZS - Zeleznice Srbije Bz mot at Palic, Serbia and Montenegro by Fabrice Lanoue

Serbia:. It borders Croatia on the northwest, Hungary on the north, area: 29,913 sq mi (77,474 sq km) Population (July 2012 est): 7,276,604 (growth rate: –0.464%); life expectancy: 74.56. Cap. city (2011 est.): Belgrade, 1.154 million.Serbia was one of six republics that made up the country of Yugoslavia, which broke up in the 1990s. In Feb. 2003, Serbia and Montenegro were the remaining two republics of rump Yugoslavia, forming a loose federation.In 2006, Mon~ro split from Serbia…

Jamie has been to: Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Malaysia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Treaty of Berlin (1878)-The treaty formally recognized independence of the de facto sovereign principalities of Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, together with the autonomy of Bulgaria, though the latter de facto functioned independently and was divided into three parts: the Principality of Bulgaria, the autonomous province of Eastern Rumelia, and Macedonia, which was given back to the Ottomans, thus undoing Russian plans for an independent—and Russophile—"Greater Bulgaria".