Sequencing Events with Balloons

Do you teach sequence of events? Are you looking for a fun way to practice this important comprehension skill? You can use balloons with important story events to add some excitement to your instruction. Click to read how and download the freebie!

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Fluency Puzzles are my favorite!!!! Kids read the passage then practice sequencing by putting the events of the story in order - super fun comprehension practice!

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Using Fairytales to Teach Sequencing

Sequencing events of a story can be hard for students. This blog post has a great activity that will engage and excite your students to practice sequencing with fairytales. It also has a free graphic organizer to guide your students with sequence of events.

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Sequence of Events Jeopardy-Style Game Show

This fun and sushi themed game will help you get your students excited about practicing sequence of events. Encourage your students to use the transition words to help them find the correct answer. I also have my students list what happened in order and make sure their answer makes sense!

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