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Green Tip #1 - Maintaining Your Septic Tank Without Chemicals

Taking simple steps to maintain your septic tank, without chemicals, will save you money in the long run!


Cylindrical Septic Tank. Cess Pool horizontal model - septic tank Marsh Cylindrical Septic Tanks are ideal for areas that suffer from high water table or hard rock #SepticTanksRanges #CylindricalSepticTank #DomesticSewageTreatmentPlants #DomesticSewageTreatmentPlant


Do not Flush Bathroom Sign-Bathroom Rules-Bathroom Sign-Septic Tank Sign-Septic System Sign

This is a solid wood sign that measures 6 X 24 X 3/4. The sign reads: DO NOT FLUSH: Sanitary Products-Diapers Tissue Or Wipes-Goldfish

Nature makes a septic tanks work thanks to naturally occurring bacteria which thrive on the impurities in waste water and looking after your septic tank can help #sewagetreatmentplant #SepticTanksRanges #CylindricalSepticTank #DomesticSewageTreatmentPlants #DomesticSewageTreatmentPlant


Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Rain water harvesting is the collection, storage and distribution of recycled rainwater, for use in various residential or commercial environments. As an increasingly valuable and sustainable source, rainwater collected from roofs provides high quality water for relevant applications. #pumpingstations #RainWaterHarvesting #SepticTanks #SepticTank #sewagetreatmentplants

One of our favourite annuals in the cutting garden - Calendula officinalis. It's easy and quick to grow and the flowers last well after being cut


Septic Tank Tip: An inexpensive way to keep your septic system working properly, is to take one packet of dry yeast and a box of brown sugar and pour this down your toilet about every 3-4 months.