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Separation Anxiety in Dogs – How to efficiently treat this behavior ?

What are the Causes of Separation Anxiety in dogs? How to treat this behevior? Every dog owner should know more about this issue. Find the answer in here.

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Starting School Separation Anxiety - Coping With Tears

Lots of children can get separation anxiety when they're starting school or kindergarten or going through a year group transition. It's heartbreaking for us parents to see our children upset isn't it? As a teacher and a parent I discuss ways to cope with your child's tears and best support their needs at these difficult times.

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10 Children's Books about Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety Pocket Hearts: Young children often have trouble separating from their caregivers.  It sometimes helps for them to carry transitional objects (ex. a photo) with them to help manage their anxiety during time apart. The caregiver can make these hearts for their child on their own, or the dyad can create them together (Click here for a tutorial).  The hearts can be substituted by any other handmade or personal items the family desires.  Just before each separation the ...

Use Skype To Watch Over Your Dog/Cat While You're at Work | Infographic: You need to create an email for your pet & an account :) | via The Book Recruitment Agency Blog

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Coping With Separation Anxiety in Older Children

Coping With Separation Anxiety in Older Children - it isn't just small children who suffer from this. Parenting, parenting tips and help.