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Es ist nicht vorbei. Wenn du willst.


Frank, I really want to wrap my arms around you like this and bury my face into your skin and smell you, and kiss you and just hold onto you....


In Act II, Nora flirts with Dr. Rank. As a married woman, that is just scandalous. She is about to ask him a big favor, when Dr. Rank confesses his true love for her.

Sometimes a soulmate isn't the one you are meant to be with... It's the person who makes your soul breathe 'ahhhh', the one that makes you believe in fate! Sometimes, that person belongs to another and that's ok! I'd rather have spent a moment in time with him than never have recognised that kind of connection!


"Jocelyn," Braden's worried voice penetrated the fog, and I reached for his hand to reassure him. "Breathe," he murmured in my ear, his hand squeezing mine, his other on my hip, holding me into him."