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Anxiety Disorders: Types, Symptoms and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Let's see, my son has ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Learning Disorders, OCD, Gifted (Extremely intelligent just no common sense), Sensory Integration issues, and I think he's depressed sometimes. 😊 BrainHealth.Rocks 😊

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What is sensory processing and how can I understand my child

Sensory Processing Disorder

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ADHD vs SPD: What's the Difference?

"The problem with telling the difference between ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder is they can often present in similar ways. Kids with either diagnosis can seem hyperactive, impulsive and unfocused. Combine ADHD with SPD, and the two can cause learning difficulties, make it challenging for relationships with other children and reduce a child’s ability to follow directions and/or complete tasks."

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How the Vestibular System Affects Your Child's Behavior

How the Vestibular System Affects Your Child’s Behavior {Is it Behavior? Or is It Sensory? a Series}

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7 Tips to Ease Transitions for Kids with Autism

Transitions can be tricky for kids with autism. Here are seven tips that will help them get through day-to-day activities at home and at school.