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Abbas Participation in Peres Funeral Sends Message of Peace Palestinian Offical Says - Haaretz

Gaza, Palestine Youth Send Message to #BDS Activists

Hundreds send message in LOVE Park to those with mental illness


Two men, 4,600 miles apart, send TELEPATHIC messages to each other using their minds  #DailyMail


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from Plough

Sending Messages into the Future

Sending Messages into the Future - Kindergarten founder Friedrich Fröbel’s maxim, “Education is example and love,” has spread all over the world from this tiny valley:


Toronto Star

New charges in Steubenville rape case send message to social media

What We Can Learn from the Departed in Spirit

from Scriberia

Grow Your Own Stories

Grow Your Own Stories - Journal - Scriberia. Great article on the revival of story telling and all our humanly desires to tell stories and send messages.

Big email hack doesn't exactly send the message Yahoo needed