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Retirement Planning Tip for the Self-Employed: Don’t Make My Mistake

Retirement planning when you're self-employed is very important. I share some of the more common retirement planning tips you can use to grow your wealth.

For retirement planning ... this Annuity Calculator for Excel can be used to figure out how long a nest egg may last.


Self-Employed Retirement Plans: Everything You Need to Know

Retirement plans for self-employed individuals can be confusing if you don't know what to look for. Here's everything you need to know about your options.

The TOP Frequently Asked Questions for IRS Filing Requirements, Filing Status, Dependent Qualifications, Exemptions, etc.... Learn it, know it, breathe it, LIVE IT, AND stop torturing your awesome, beautiful Financial Aid Specialist by doing your taxes wrong, and then blaming me - uh-hem - the awesome, beautiful Financial Aid Specialist for pointing out your many ding-dong errors. ♥

The Etsy Journals

How often does the average Etsy seller make a sale? How many sales do they make in a week? A month? What's right for your shop? Re-pin then read this article to find your magic number.


McDonald Hopkins :: Employee Benefits: IRS recognizes all legal same-sex marriages for federal tax purposes