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10+ Clever New Self Defense Tools To Help Keep Women Safe

Empower yourself with one or some of these girlie self defense products and redefine what it means to fight like a girl. While these self defense products may look frou frou with their feminine colors and design, they pack some serious punch that is sure to catch any attacker by surprise.


Blue Safety Cat

The Safety Cat is a self-defense, personal protection tool designed mainly for women. It is made out of very strong aircraft aluminum and unlike similar products made of plastic, provides more durabil


DAMSEL IN DEFENSE offers non lethal self defense products designed with a woman in mind. Our guns, pepper sprays, and security-on-the-go products are affordable AND adorable!! DAMSEL IN DEFENSE has the products you need at a price you can afford to help keep you and your loved ones Safe and Sassy!


How to Avoid Trouble Using Self Defense