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➰ Kali, is the powerful and often feared Goddess of death and destruction which is part of the Alchemical process of resurrection, rebirth, and empowerment. She brings the death of the Ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality. She is the great destroyer and transformer of that which is profane and needs to be purified by fire (Shakti) to bring the life force into it's highest expression.


Self-Centering Scribe - Homemade self-centering scribe intended to facilitate the process of locating the centerline between a workpiece's parallel sides.


Sitala is a Hindu Pox-Goddess and is worshiped as a protector from all poxes, especially the extremely deadly Smallpox. Sitala Devi literally means the Cold Goddess.


Bust of Commodus as Hercules, AD 190. Marble. Commodus was a largely self-centered emperor who did not care for foreign affairs or the protection of the empire. He once decreed that each month should be renamed after him. He believed he was an incarnation of Jupiter or Hercules, and the depictions of him as these gods only made people dislike him more. He was murdered in AD 192, leaving a damaged empire behind and ending the Antonine dynasty.


Emergency aid arrives for the refugees gathered in Dale. This gives us our first hint that Thranduil is not entirely self-centered.

I really don't wonder-he doesn't deserve that much of my time or thoughts. But he is a self centered a-hole who doesn't care about others at all!

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Haxon witchcraft symbols and rituals | In the Wiccan and Neo-Pagan traditions, the turning of the seasons is ...

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Details about 10" 3-JAW SELF-CENTERING LATHE CHUCKS 0.0015" TIR- NEW

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Note to self…July 12th

Note to self… The Lord is with me like a mighty warrior. My persecutors will stumble and not prevail Jeremiah 20:11