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They still love you! Selena Gomez wows a sold out audience in Amsterdam... as her new movie Getaway bombs at the box office

selena gomez looks hot in leather high waisted shorts and a slinky white shirt

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Selena Gomez sshe inks new record deal with Interscope

This Dress is gorgeous, I have one like it, sheer nylon, double layered chiffon, in pink, but the Split is on the side , up to thigh, being a non- op Tgirl with my gorgeous mum, from my early teens, when mum loved and started to dress me as a girl, to both our desire, and pleasure, going through my female hormone transsition, living as a girl in my teens, Dressing constantly as a girl, and loving mum Dressing me as a girl, and helping me Dress up, and my love of Dressing up with mum, as a…

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She's got a spring in her step! Selena Gomez beams as she steps out in Bieber-inspired baggy trousers following romantic rendezvous with Justin

I wanna take this moment to thank Selena Gomez for following me.... I really appreciate it!!! She is such a beautiful and talented girl!!!

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Selena Gomez gushes about I Want You To Know collaborator Zedd

Praise: Zedd's looks, talent, and dedication were all praised by Selena during her intervi...

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Selena Gomez swaps up her look as she promotes her new album in Paris

On point: Selena Gomez, 23, was suitably chic as she stepped out on Monday ready for her busy day ahead