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Why Kiera Cass<<<kiera cass is the only author untill now that made me like a character that i hated before. and then she had to kill celeste. bravo, kiera, bravo

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Quote from THE ONE by Kiera Cass - I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but in my opinion some things at the end could have changed but I still loved it <3

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OH MY GOSH GUISE I'M DYING RIGHT NOW. This is my favorite book series like EVER and this part made me cry. If you haven't read this book.....READ IT PLEASE!

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This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE scene of the whole series (so far). I cannot stop reading it, over and over again! #TheOne #spoilers

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seriously, all she says is that she needs time and when he tells her that she freaks. come on now america.

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