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Facts about sleeping you never knew - WTF fun facts

from the Guardian

I used to be tired all the time too. 'Segmented sleep' solved that

Until Thomas Edison came along, our ancestors preferred to have two sleeps per night with a break in between. Converting back to it has been tricky, but worth it

Around a third of the population have trouble sleeping, including difficulties maintaining sleep throughout the night. While nighttime awakenings are distressing for most sufferers, there is some evidence from our recent past that suggests this...

Letter of Recommendation: Segmented Sleep. It’s not insomnia if you stay up voluntarily.


Letter of Recommendation: Segmented Sleep

Segmented Sleep: "It’s not insomnia if you stay up voluntarily." | NYT

Procrastination and insomnia may go hand-in-hand, new research suggests.

Segmented Sleep. I've slept like this for years and didn't know it was "natural".


* Our modern idea that a solid 8 hours represents healthy sleep is a myth. Historically human beings naturally slept in two distinct phases, with a period of wakefulness separating the two phases. There is evidence from sleep research, as well as from the reports of individuals, that this bi-modal sleep pattern, combined with a midday nap results in the experience of greater wakefulness during the day time, than uninterrupted sleep. During that period of wakefulness, the brain secretes high…

from Quartz

The many forgotten benefits of segmented sleep

The many forgotten benefits of segmented sleep — Quartz