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Seeked Meaning

from Personality Club

Profile of the INFJ Personality - The Counselor

INFJs seek meaning in relationships, ideas, and events, with an eye toward better understanding themselves and others.

from Polyvore

Arianrhod Celtic Moon Goddess

Arianrhod Celtic Moon Goddess Arianrhod (ah-ree-AHN-rhohd), Arian meaning 'silver', and Rhod meaning 'wheel' or 'disc'. Celtic Moon-Mother Goddess. Called the Silver Wheel that Descends into the Sea. Daughter of the Mother Goddess Don and her consort Beli. She is ruler of Caer Sidi, a magical realm in the north. She was worshiped as priestess of the moon. The benevolent silver sky-lady came down from her pale white chariot in the heavens to watch more closely over the tides she ruled.