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18 Best Flowering Ground Cover Plants That Are Easy To Grow

Check out these 18 Flowering Ground Cover Plants, you'll find some best low growing plants on this list, they're not only easy to grow but looks beautiful too.


TOP 10 Plants and Ground Cover for Your Paths and Walkways

Paths and walkways are an integral part of every garden. They allow you to get from one place to another easily in order to maintain the garden.


Creeping Sedum is fast-spreading, drought tolerant and easy to keep in check. It grows in the hot, full sun or in the shade. It doesn't seem to have any special soil requirements. In June, it's covered with tiny yellow flowers.


Low-Maintenance Ground Covers That Suppress Weeds

Dragon's blood sedum may be the hardiest and most versatile of all weed-suppressing ground covers. A cultivar of the succulent Sedum spurium, Dragon's blood ('Schorbuser Blut') is hardy in Zones 3-8. Not only does it grow in full sun as well as partial shade, but it also thrives in poor soil.


Sedum humifusum Dwarf Stonecrop Super tight and tiny, deep green foliage shows off in spring, then turns bright red in heat and cold. This plant will reseed itself freely. Brilliant yellow star flowers in summer.This is a perfect plant for tight spots, pocket plantings or pathways where water is limited. Sharp drainage is a must. Over watering will impair growth. Very drought tolerant.