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Secret Admirer Quotes

I was the kind of person who was perpetually embarrassed by each past version of herself; I seemed to be constantly changing, and I hated each old version just as much as I felt affection for the skins I'd shed. One day I realised I was basing my entire fucking life around a dream I'd had when I was a kid. Everything. My words, my face, my laughter. I tried to kill it but it just wouldn't die.


The fact that I cant have you, makes me want you even more. Picture Quotes.


-a.e. ©2016 @eloquenceofwords hoping & wish...Instagram photo

Last night on my porch I knew in my heart you do not feel the same..It just struck me as I praying. Those posts, pins are about someone else Silly me to think they were of me but soooo thankful I didn't come out and tell you that you're on my mind and in my heart!

I don't love casually. When I love, it's fierce #stephaniebennetthenry …