Secondary school teacher salary

Provides a high school education to 300 boys and girls annually in eastern Tanzania, by supporting Nianjema Secondary School. Funds student scholarships, teacher salaries, and building construction and maintenance.

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Help Send 4 Haitian Children to Secondary School for 6 Months 88,800 DAILY CLICKS FUND THIS PROJECT Decades of natural disasters and political turmoil have depleted the country of an educated workforce. As a result, few teachers in Haiti receive formal training. Without a secondary education, a young Haitian is unable to find a good job or attend college. And so the cycle of poverty continues. You can help.

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It’s no secret that school shopping gets crazy expensive for teachers. If they’re not shelling out money for art supplies and paper, they’re off buying books and pens. Luckily, the 30 retailers below want to help. From Apple to J.Crew, these companies offer exclusive discounts on just about everything a teacher could possibly need!

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