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"Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes and the second law of thermodynamics." - Dominic Howard #muse #quote

from The Heritage Journal

Stonehenge unrestored

Possibly the earliest photograph of Stonehenge, taken July 1877 by Philip Rupert Acott. Before restoration.

from the Guardian

What is the second law of thermodynamics?

The Heat Death of the Universe - Click image to read Guardian Science story!

from Mail Online

Life on Mars, the second law of thermodynamics and the date the world will end, by Professor Brian Cox

'I want people to have an emotional response to science, because that's what I have,' said Brian Cox Photographer - Ian Derry

from Big Think

MIT Physicist Proposes New "Meaning of Life"

Jeremy England explains how simple physical laws make complex life more likely than not. In other words, it would be more surprising to find no life in the universe than a place like Earth.