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Made the second interview? Great! Click here for our top tips on how to pass!


Complete the sentence before the bombs goes off. Great passe compose exercise. two students go outside and create a shared alibi for the night before. Prepare the class with questions after five minutes the first one comes in. Interview and then send second one in and see if stories match up. Class votes if innocent or guilty.


This site gives a great acronym to assist those who may have trouble with the second interview or the behavioral part of an interview. I believe this can be beneficial even to those who excel and/or are experienced at answering these type of questions.(4116)


20 Ways To Impress Your Interviewer. My mother coached me well on how to interview; I never interviewed for a job that I wasn't later offered. I want to make sure that I teach my kids, too...


How to ace your second interview

Second interviews can have a very different character. Here's an article with strong pointers from a couple of experts in the field.


Sample Internal Employer Job Interview Questions

So you are about to walk through the door of a meeting room with your employee. Maybe you haven’t prepared as much as you would like, maybe you have other priorities in the day. However, this is an important moment for your employee. This effects...