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Who needs any other FINAL defence ? When push comes to shove these multiple nuclear head delivery systems ensure no attacker can win ,the choice remaining , DON'T attack or die trying ,thus ensuring world peace , but unfortunately modern threats such as fanatical groups and religious stupidity of countries such as Korea and Iran or even high technology that could lead to our military exercises going pear shaped if computer simulators react with pre emptive strikes in tech error are a huge…


HMS Dauntless, the second of six formidable Type 45 air defence warships being built for the Royal Navy, arrives in her home port of Portsmouth, Hampshire for the first time.


15 battlecruiser HMS Repulse in dry dock between the wars: together with her considerably modernised sister Renown (she never received the same treatment), she and the larger HMS Hood were the only 3 British battlecruisers remaining in service by WW2. She was famously sunk by Japanese aircraft on 10 December 1941.

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This is Russia's new nuclear attack submarine

This is Russia's new nuclear attack submarine. Behold the Severodvinsk—the pride of the Russian Navy, the first of the post-Soviet era Yasen-class submarines. It entered service at the end of December 2013 and it will replace the old Akula-class and Alfa-class subs. But unlike those warships, and thanks to a new cruise missile, the Severodvinsk has strategic and tactical nuclear weapon capabilities.


Seawolf class submarine. COOL!

The littoral combat ship USS Independence (LCS 2) transits off the coast of Florida.


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USS Thresher (SS-200), a Tambor-class submarine. Received 15 battle stars and a Navy Unit Commendation for World War II service, placing her among the most highly decorated US ships of World War II.


US. Navy Seawolf class attack submarine USS Connecticut SSN- 22 and a SH-60F Sea Hawk.