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10 Deadly Russian Weapon Systems #russianwar #russianweapons

Designed as a more cost effective alternative to the Seawolf Class, which had been built to Cold War requirements. The Virginia class submarine is the third class of US Naval vessels to carry the name of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Built in tandem by General Dynamics Electric Boat and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Newport News. Each of the 30 planned submarines in this class (six completed as of early 2010) are expected to cost less than 2 billion dollars. They are intevirginia class…


Motorworks SeaWolf Class Submarine

Motorworks SeaWolf Class Submarine: Motorworks RC Sub looks good, performs great on the surface and underwater

Navy's 450 feet long most shadowy spy Submarine

Navy’s 450 feet long most shadowy spy The Navy’s 450 feet long heavily modified Seawolf Class submarine, the USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23, is quieter than any other nuclear submarine on Earth.